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Pony pictures are a long time tradition going back about 100 years. If you have a picture of yourself or a family member that is at least 20 years or older we would love to be able to post it here! Please send the picture to and explain who where and when. You can even add a little about the child's life after the picture was taken. Let's get the word out and help keep this page going!

Franklin D. Roosevelt on a Pony


Considering (the www) is world wide to get the following four pictures was a special gift for me. These pictures are from 1984-85 and I made these chaps myself. We hade picture ponies in Pico Rivera and at the stables right underneath the "Hollywood sign" in Los Angeles. It's been a long time but its great to see these pictures we took all the way back in 1985, and also that they are still with those kids today!

This is Joey (Joseph) 4yrs. old. - Dec. 1985
These were taken 25 yrs. ago, in Downey California.
He still resides in Calif.

Pony party ponies Pony party ponies

And Jeff (Jeffery) @ age 7. Dec. 1985
These were taken 25+ years ago, in Downey California
Jeff now resides in Texas and happily awaits their 6th bundle of joy!
My pony picture pony pictures at schools

Thanks so much to Jodi for sending these pictures!

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Sorry about the picture quality on this, I scanned it and my scanner isn't the best. This is a picture of my now 80 year old Grandpa when he was a little boy. He said a man used to go around the neighborhoods back then with a pony. He would go door to door and people would pay him to have there kids picture taken on the pony.

Karen Hartlep


There was a professional photographer who, just before Christmas 1957, walked the neighborhood with his pony, and took photographs of children on the pony as he went from door to door.  So, here you see “Cowboy Bob” on his pony in 1957, in the back yard of the La Forge house.  I remember very clearly getting up on this pony to have my picture taken.  I was very happy and excited.

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The photo of me on the pony (top) was taken on the side of our home. This traveling pony walked down our block of new homes in Norwalk, California back in the late 1950s and 60s. This photo was taken in 1958, when I was four years old. The photo of my younger brother on the pony (bottom) was taken about 1960, when he was three years old."


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