Is Promoting your business a good idea?

Sign walkers, moon bouncers, monster inflatable roof balloons? Yes they all work great to help increase your exposure and sales, but what about a PONY with a sign?

We don't think we need to sell you on what would get more attention. If you were driving down the road and saw someone waving a sign or a big balloon with a banner on the roof of a business sure you might take a quick look. But what if you saw a person with a cute pony standing on the corner with a banner advertising a business? Would you look? Would you remember that for allot longer? We know why people stop and look at an accident on the road. We want to try and solve what happened. It's human nature to try and construct a reasonable solution to an observation. So seeing a pony standing in front of your business is sure to grab EVERYBODY'S eye! They will remember and take notice because this is not a typical everyday event. In fact they most likely will have never seen any thing like that before!! 

We can even arrange to do "FREE PONY PICTURES" with your business name and address on the bottom of the pictures. They would have to come back later to pick the picture back up! You get two chances of creating a customer for life! And we promise that picture with your business name will be around for a long time. They will show it to all the other friends and family members as well. How much is all that worth? Ask yourself what type of advertising could be better?

Call Richard at 909 762-2512

You can even promote the event a week ahead of time and connect it with a sale or specials!

Shoes, Pizza, Insurance, Furniture, Jewelry, Fast food, or even a beauty salon or clothing store. Everyone knows the key to success is to first get them through the door. Then you'll have to do your job and keep them for life!

*Please take into consideration you will have a live animal in front of you business. You can't just park it on the sidewalk. You'll need a small area in front wear the pony can stand. Also you will be responsible for checking with the city before the event. Require 50% down and balance do when we show up. Maximum length is six hours. Pricing can be negotiated by calling Richard at (909)762-2512.